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Welcome to Tesladyne Industries, Inc.! Whether you’re a top-of-your-class intern, a veteran action scientist, or some unholy paranormal abomination sworn to use your abilities for good, we’re excited to have you on the team! We believe you’ve chosen one of the world’s greatest action think-tanks and research facilities, and we hope you agree.

Below, you can find some helpful information about your colleagues, available equipment, and notable persons and locations with a history of association (whether helpful or … otherwise … in nature) with the company.

Player Characters

  • Dr. Mannheim
  • Elliot “Hawk” Hawkins"
  • Topsy mk 2

Tesladyne Employees

Executive Staff

Action Scientists


Tesladyne Allies

Tesladyne Enemies / Rivals / Annoyances

Available and Requisitioned Equipment

Exotic Locales

Main Page

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