Hollow Earth

I bet you thought that Earth was solid, consisting of a crust, several layers of magma and other molten liquids, with an especially molten core, like some sort of delicious terrestrial sandwich. Well, so did everyone else.

But somehow, Dr. Dinosaur discovered “Hollow Earth,” an ecosystem beneath the surface of the planet carved out, supposedly, by “the immortal Magma Worm.” A path to Hollow Earth was discovered below Science City in the wilds of Venezuela.

There’s even a civilization of sentient rock creatures down in Hollow Earth; their civilization—or maybe just their capital city, it’s hard to tell—is called Atvatabar. Dr. Dinosaur used a crystal helm to control the rock denizens with his insane reptilian mind.

Tesladyne Industries, Inc. Human Resources does not recommend that employees take vacation in Hollow Earth or anywhere near Science City. Bernard Fischer may disagree.

Hollow Earth

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